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Hi, I'm Cory Gehrich and this is my recording studio. This page will serve as a brief introduction to who I am to give you a sense of what it will be like working with me. I won't refer to myself as a "team" or overly use the word "we" to make myself seem mightier than thou. That's just not my style. I'm just a humble musician with a love for recording audio, striving to provide excellent service at affordable rates, in a comfortable and inviting space. 

I got the music bug at a young age. My older brothers both played music and would give me tapes and CD's of Black Flag, the Descendants, the Germs, TSOL, etc. Trust me, as a young kid I thought I was really cool. When I was 12 I started a band, whom I would end up playing with until I was 21. We gained some steam in high school and would get placed on bills opening for national punk and metal bands. Ah, the glory days...

We recorded our first demo when we were 13 and went on to record a handful of EP's and full lengths at various studios in San Diego. That's when I first really got the bug. I always loved performing, but recording was something else. Something that felt really special. It was like burying a time capsule, but instead of digging a hole on the weekend with your khaki-shorts-wearing-dad in the backyard, we were hanging out at a studio on school nights with adults who were smoking weed, drinking beer, and chain-smoking cigarettes. And coffee, lots of coffee.

I started going to community college, bouncing around to four different schools until finally transferring to UC San Diego, where I got a BA in Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts. Sounds pretty fancy but basically my time there was spent studying computer music programming and audio engineering - hunkering down in dark rooms, far far away from any natural lighting. After that I did a Master's at Mills College in Oakland, getting an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media. There, I focused more on composition and continued DIY recording all over the campus, setting up makeshift studios wherever I could.

And now here I am, providing the Portland music scene with a comfortable space to cut demos, EP's, LP's, and sharing my knowledge and love of recording through lessons and instruction.

I look forward to working with you! <3 Cory

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