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In addition to recording, mixing and mastering I also offer lessons in audio production. All ages and levels of experience are welcomed! Lessons vary quite a bit from person to person but can cover a wide array of topics, including:

Maybe you're totally new to the world of recording and need some advice on which programs, interface, controllers, mics, etc. will suit your needs best. Then maybe you need help setting everything up and doing some overviews of software, hardware, plug-ins, etc.

Or maybe you have a bunch of analog gear but you've made the digital switch and are having a hell of a time getting used to digital audio.

Or you might want to understand Pro Tools or Logic Pro X inside and out and be able to navigate the programs confidently but you've had enough with YouTube tutorials and need some one-on-one instruction.

Maybe you need some help better understanding MIDI, automation, compression, EQ, or want to have more control over your mixes. Perhaps you want to understand the mastering process better and be able to make your mixes pop and sound brighter, fuller and punchier.

Or maybe you want to bring in some of your session files and work on cleaning up your mixes, getting rid of unnecessary mud, etc. Or maybe you're interested in learning how to mix "outside the box" and want to better utilize your I/O set-up.

These are just a few suggestions of potential topics to discuss / problems to solve.

Get in touch to talk specifics and see if we might be a good match for one another.

My lesson rate is $50/hr. At my studio or your place (for a small travel fee).


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